Welcome New Board Members

The Community Foundation is pleased to welcome five new members to its board of trustees: Interim Chief of Staff at Colorado State University, Albert Bimper Jr.; attorney G. Brent Coan of Coan, Payton & Payne, LLC; President and CEO of the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, Ann Hutchison; Vice President of HUB International, Nick Roe; and First Bank Regional President, Nicole Staudinger.

“We are honored these deeply knowledgeable and respected individuals have committed to joining the Foundation’s board,” says Kristin Todd, president and CEO of the Foundation. “They are smart, qualified leaders who believe in the Foundation’s work to make Northern Colorado the best place to live, work, and raise a family for generations to come.”

Welcome to the Foundation family! Meet the full Board of Trustees here.

Loveland Generations: Twenty (two) Years of Impact

Suzanne Peterson, Ann Lance & Tara Streeb of Teaching Tree, and Mary Gullikson

(L-R) Suzanne Peterson, Ann Lance & Tara Streeb of Teaching Tree, and Mary Gullikson

The challenges of today can feel daunting– population growth, climate change, systemic adversity. With so much happening in the world, where does one start? For a group of committed Loveland residents, it started in a backyard.

The year was 2000 and a group of 20 community-minded citizens gathered on the lawn of Wanda & Gordon Hannaford with a shared goal– to serve their beloved Loveland community and benefit future generations. It was at this fateful potluck dinner that Loveland Generations was born.

Loveland Generations is a giving group that houses its endowed charitable fund at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. Over the past 22 years the fund has grown to more than $400,000 and, even more impressive, to-date Loveland Generations has granted $315,000 to projects and organizations serving the Loveland community.

The generosity and compassion of its members is inspiring.

Suzanne Peterson is one such member. She serves the Community Foundation’s Investment Committee, has been an active member of Loveland Generations for years, and just retired from her role of board trustee after 9 years. Suzanne is a steadfast supporter and advocate of Loveland Generations, but she credits Mary Gullikson and Phil Farley for establishing the group. “It was those two that really did the legwork to get others involved,” Suzanne says.

Beyond the impact of the dollars, another major benefit of Loveland Generations is enlightening people on the needs of the community. Through the granting process, members of the giving group have kept a pulse changing community needs and new opportunities for impact.

Suzanne’s hope for Loveland Generations is that it keeps people engaged in philanthropy. She recalls many ways individuals have gone beyond themselves to serve the greater good through Loveland Generations, from Ken Rosander at Main Street Catering donating food for Loveland Generations events, to members volunteering with grantee organizations.

Last week, Loveland Generations celebrated its 20th anniversary two years late due to pandemic-related rescheduling. It was a warm reunion of friends at the site of the original Loveland Generations meeting. If last week’s gathering is any indication, Loveland’s deep heart and give-back spirit are alive and well.

Learn more about Loveland Generations here.

Dave and Paula Edwards: A Lifetime of Community Building 

You couldn’t find a couple more devoted to the well-being of Northern Colorado. Dave and Paula Edwards have spent a lifetime investing their time, talent, treasure, and testimony to benefit others. The impact of their involvement can be seen in the areas of education, the arts, healthcare, human services, civic engagement, and, uniquely, philanthropy. The Edwards have leveraged their own giving to augment the charitable giving of others. “Philanthropy is living with gratitude,” says Paula. “Regardless of what you have, all of us have something to give.”

Community Foundation Launches NEW Grant Cycle

The Community Foundation’s grant cycle opens in two short weeks. Starting August 3, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, churches, and government entities can apply for a grant in the fall grant cycle. Applications are due by August 31.

The Foundation accepts grants twice per year through our Community Funds benefiting Berthoud, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Loveland, and our larger Northern Colorado region. Click here to view last year’s grant recipients.

Interested in learning more about the Foundation’s grant process? Visit our grants webpage or watch our grant cycle changes workshop for more information on how to apply.

Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley received funding from the Foundation’s Estes Valley Community Fund Committee in 2021.

Upcoming Events

Investment Performance Briefing – September 8, 2022 – details coming soon!

Sterling Community Fund Gala – September 10, 2022

Colorado Gives Day Workshop – September 20, 2022 (for nonprofit partners)

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