Community Fund Committees in Berthoud, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Sterling provide input to the Board of Trustees and staff. These groups are responsible for grantmaking from unrestricted funds established in their respective communities. Civic leaders volunteer to serve on these committees to guide specific areas of the Foundation’s work. For more information on any of these committees, please contact the Foundation.

Berthoud Community Fund Committee
FY 2023-2024
Stu Boyd
Debbie Davis
Melissa Feldbush
Will Karspeck
Whitney Way

Fort Collins Community Fund Committee
FY 2023-2024
Tatum Cochran
Dave Dixon
SeonAh Kendall
LeAnn Massey (Chair)
Kelly McBartlett
Liz McMillan

Estes Valley Community Fund Committee
FY 2023-2024
Cato Kraft
Jill Lancaster
Teresa Mueller
Kevin Mullin
Mark Newendorp (Chair)
Brian Schaffer

Loveland Community Fund Committee
FY 2023-2024
Christian Bordewick (Chair)
Judy Calhoun
Cecil Gutierrez
Mindy McCloughan
Summer Scott
Allison Seabeck

Eastern Colorado

Eastern Colorado Community
Fund Board of Directors
FY 2024

Logan County:
Steve Meier
Mike White (Chair)

Morgan County:
Brian Downing
Sharon Kauffman

Phillips County:
Brenda Brandt
Ross Edwards

Sedgwick County:
Rod Green
Vic Johnson

Washington County:
Chris Frasier
Roger Schenk

Yuma County:
Justin Coughlin
Laurie Jones

Sterling Community
Fund Committee
FY 2024

Kevin Blankenship
Mike Brownell
Cindy Hoal
Cindy Horner*
Rob Nichols (Co-Chair)
Jordan Suter
Rick Unrein (Co-Chair)

*Honorary Member

Other committees

The Community Foundation is thankful for the numerous volunteers who offer their time and expertise to our organization.

Executive Committee
FY 2023
Charlie Bouchard (Treasurer)
Cecil Gutierrez (Chair)
Jim Hendrix (Secretary)
Denise Juliana (Immediate Past Chair)
Nick Roe
Marla Trumper (Vice Chair)

Finance Committee
FY 2023
Charlie Bouchard (Chair)
Mark Driscoll
Jim Hendrix
Alistair MacDonald
Colby Ripsam
Ramon Serrano
Beth Walker

Foundation Impact Committee
FY 2023
Kate Baker
Michael Bellus
Ann Hutchison
Ricardo Perez
Michelle Provaznik
Lorna Reeves
Nick Roe
Kellie Sponberg
Nicole Staudinger
Marla Trumper (Chair)
Laura Valdez
Kathi Wright
Cheryl Zimlich

Governance and Nominating Committee
FY 2023
Charlie Bouchard
Mike Dellenbach
Cecil Gutierrez
Jim Hendrix
Ann Hutchison
Denise Juliana
Nick Roe
Marla Trumper