Community Fund Committees in Berthoud, Estes Park, Fort Collins, Loveland, and Sterling provide input to the Board of Trustees and staff. These groups are responsible for grantmaking from unrestricted funds established in their respective communities. Civic leaders volunteer to serve on these committees to guide specific areas of the Foundation’s work. For more information on any of these committees, please contact the Foundation.

Berthoud Community Fund Committee
FY 2021-2022
Brad Cook
Stephanie Gregg
Robert Kearney
Diane Levy
Misha Maggi (Chair)
Brent Porter
Christine Torres
Meinte Veldhuis

Fort Collins Community Fund Committee
FY 2021-2022
Suzanne Brazil (Chair)
Stefanie Creencia
Jud Harper
Donn Hopkins
John Roberts
Cathy Schott
Peggy Shannon

Estes Valley Community Fund Committee
FY 2021-2022
Joseph Adair
Vaughn Baker
Ludie Dickeson
Tim Hull (Chair)
Chuck Levine
Barbara Marshall*
Paul Newendorp*
Jim Pickering
Sheldon Rosenkrance

Loveland Community Fund Committee
FY 2021-2022
Kim Akeley-Charron
LuAnn Ball*
Beth Bishop
Christian Bordewick
Roger Clark
Phil Farley*
Mary Gullikson*
Leah Johnson
Suzanne Peterson
Norm Rehme
Nick Roe (Chair)
Summer Scott
Earl Sethre*

Eastern Colorado

Eastern Colorado Community
Fund Board of Directors
FY 2022

Logan County:
Cindy Horner
Marc Reck

Morgan County:
Sharon Kauffman
John Sneed

Phillips County:
Mike Bennett
Brandon Biesemeier

Sedgwick County:
Rod Green
Larry Lowery

Washington County:
Sandi Herzberg
Lila Kessinger

Yuma County:
Rob Harding
Jim Hendrix

Sterling Community
Fund Committee
FY 2022

Jane Bauder
Kevin Blankenship
Cindy Horner*
Steve Meier (Co-Chair)
Rob Nichols
Brad Stromberger
Rick Unrein
Pam Werner (Co-Chair)

*Honorary Member

Other committees

The Community Foundation is thankful for the numerous volunteers who offer their time and expertise to our organization.

Executive Committee
FY 2022
Charlie Bouchard
Mark Driscoll, MBA (Chair)
Paula Edwards
Craig Greenslit
Suzanne Peterson, MBACFA

Investment Committee
FY 2022
Charles Bouchard, MBA
Rob Harding
Robert Kearney, MBA
Teresa Mueller
Suzanne Peterson, MBACFA (Chair)

Audit Committee
FY 2022
Connie Dohn, CPA
Craig Greenslit
Ron Schneider
Cathy Schott, CFP
Lisa Larsen, J.D.

Loan Committee
FY 2022
Richard Alper
Wendy Banks
Tom Behr
Michael Bellus
Denise Juliana (Chair)
Lorna Reeves