The Estes Valley Community Fund is an endowment supported by local residents since 1999 to provide a sustainable funding source for long-term community benefit.

A committee comprised of community members from the Estes Valley (the Estes Valley Community Fund Committee) provides input to the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees and staff and is responsible for recommending grants from unrestricted and field of interest funds established to support the Estes Valley community, including the Estes Valley Community Fund.

The Community Fund Committee solicits grant proposals twice a year. For more information on these grant opportunities, please visit our Apply for a Grant page.

Estes Valley

Donors are encouraged to consider leaving a lasting legacy for the Estes Valley through major gifts such as real estate, mineral rights, water rights, and estate gifts. Over the long term, these gifts will strengthen future generations, providing the basis for creating impact, leaving legacy.

Estes Valley Community Fund Committee

FY 2023-2024
Scott Applegate
Cato Kraft
Jill Lancaster
Teresa Mueller
Kevin Mullin
Mark Newendorp (Chair)
Brian Schaffer