In December of 2015, community leaders from Eastern Colorado formalized an arrangement for the creation of the Eastern Colorado Community Fund – a component fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.

Eastern Colorado Community Fund

Community leaders in Eastern Colorado have partnered with the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado to create the Eastern Colorado Community Fund (ECCF). The ECCF will have its own distinct identity and a full-time director in an Eastern Colorado office. All funds established to benefit Eastern Colorado communities — whether Donor Advised, Scholarship, Designated, Field of Interest, or Unrestricted — will be part of the ECCF portfolio of funds. Administrative fees charged to those funds will support ongoing expenses related to the Eastern Colorado office and director. A local ECCF board comprised of two members from each participating county will be responsible for grantmaking from unrestricted funds in the ECCF portfolio of funds.

Donors are encouraged to consider leaving a lasting legacy for Eastern Colorado through major gifts and estate gifts. Over the long term, these gifts will strengthen future generations in the areas of education, the arts, recreation, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and more. These community assets will provide the basis for creating and retaining jobs, attracting new commercial ventures, and expanding existing businesses and industry. The combined effect will be heightened opportunities and economic growth across the region.

Eastern Colorado Cornerstone Campaign

The ECCF board has established the Eastern Colorado Cornerstone Campaign to fund expenses related to the creation of a local office and the hiring of a director. The goal is to raise $1 million for the Cornerstone Campaign and set the stage for building charitable resources for the future of our region. To donate to the Eastern Colorado Cornerstone Campaign, click here.

Because Eastern Colorado is a large geographic area, this initial campaign will focus on Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma counties. Over time, the geographic service area will expand to include all of Colorado’s Eastern Plains.

Sterling Community Fund

The Sterling Community Fund is an endowment created by local residents to provide a sustainable funding source for projects that make Logan County a more attractive place to live, raise a family, establish a business, and retire. Click here for information.

John Chapdelaine

Director, Eastern Colorado Community Fund
(970) 580-1013

In the News

Eastern Colorado Community Fund Board of Directors

Logan County:
Cindy Horner
Marc Reck

Phillips County:
Mike Bennett
Brandon Biesemeier (Chair)

Sedgwick County:
Larry Lowery
Mike Sullivan

Morgan County:
John Sneed

Washington County:
Sandi Herzberg
Lila Kessinger

Yuma County:
Rob Harding
Jim Hendrix

Thanks to the community leaders who initiated the Eastern Colorado Community Fund and shaped its vision:

Logan County:
Larry Fetzer
Jim Horner
Cindy Johnson
Jay Lee
Steve Meier
Trae Miller
Rich O’Connell
Curt Pilkington
Marc Reck
Kathy Reinhardt
Rick Sanger
Karen Torres
Pam Werner

Phillips County:
Julia Biesemeier
Randy Schafer

Sedgwick County:
Mike Sullivan

Yuma County:
Jim Hendrix

Yvonne Draxler | Executive Director, Sterling Family Resource Center
“Through excellent management talent, tremendous passion, and gifted strategic thinking, the Eastern Colorado Community Fund has helped Sterling’s Family Resource Center grow and deepen its impact in this rural community. Behind donors’ gifts are stories of people whose lives are positively impacted as a result of our nearly four-year partnership.”