The Eastern Colorado Community Fund (ECCF), a component fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, has assumed fund management for the RE-1 Valley Foundation.

The ECCF will manage six funds inherited from the RE-1 Valley Foundation totaling just over $800,000, granting funds on an annual basis to the RE-1 Valley School District. These funds will continue their original purpose, benefiting RE-1 students through scholarships and general classroom support.

“The RE-1 Valley Foundation entrusts the future of our funds to the ECCF knowing they will be managed with care,” states Michele Gerk, chairperson of the Board. “We are confident the legacy of the RE-1 Valley Foundation will continue to provide local students quality educational opportunities.”

Amid challenges in finding community members to participate in the RE-1 Valley Foundation, the organization has decided to dissolve by the end of the year. By transferring funds to the ECCF, the RE-1 Foundation funds will continue to grow over time, serving their original purpose without the management challenges of operating an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

ECCF Director, John Chapdelaine, expressed excitement about the transfer, saying, “The ECCF is honored to continue the legacy of the RE-1 Foundation. This decision is a clear win for both organizations, and we look forward to serving students, as well as existing and future donors, for years to come.”

For more information, contact the Community Foundation at (970) 224-3462 or