2024 Northern Colorado Intersections

Pursuing Regional Well-Being

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado (NoCo Foundation) serves the entire region through ideas, impact, and solutions. We see ourselves as Northern Colorado’s kitchen table, a welcoming partner that brings people together for important community conversations. Community is our Business.

We are excited to launch a new report and initiative to help address some of our region’s most pressing challenges – Northern Colorado Intersections: Pursuing Regional Well-Being.

Representing a year’s worth of research, discussions and engagement, this inaugural report is a true community project. In the report, you’ll find a wide range of key data coupled with compelling stories that identify what our region is doing well and where we are feeling pressures of growth most acutely.

We encourage you to help us amplify the reach of Northern Colorado Intersections by sharing it with anyone who is interested in better understanding where our region is today with population growth, innovation and collaboration, and the many intersections of our community.

At the NoCo Foundation, we believe that the power of regional collaboration and community engagement are essential ingredients to building and implementing a collective strategy that will create well-being for all. We hope you’ll join us in making a difference together.

Kristin Todd

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What is Well-Being?

For a person to reach a sense of well-being, their needs need to be met, they need to have a sense of security, they must have access to job or growth opportunities, and they must have social-emotional outlets such as connections, networks, and support systems. Well-being works at many levels, from individuals to a whole region.

  • Mental: Can cope with the normal stresses of life.
  • Physical: Ability to maintain a healthy quality of life.
  • Financial: Financially secure & in control.
  • Work: Engaged & like what you do.
  • Community: Belonging & social connectedness.
  • Social: Meaningful relationships.

Community Intersections


Agriculture, Water, Energy Transitions, Food Security

Sheltering & Caring

Affordable Housing, Aging Population, Healthcare, Childcare


Workforce, Rural Economies, Transportation


Cultural Expression, Music and the Arts


Education, Social Connectivity/Belonging, Recreation


Community Contributions, Civic Engagement, Philanthropy

Stories From Our Community

Melanie Woolman
President & CEO, United Way of Weld County

Melanie Woolman

“As Weld County and Northern Colorado grow, many partners are collaborating to expand capacity, bringing together once disconnected concerns and organizations. United Way of Weld County is committed to five pillars of community well-being: Reading Great by 8, Thrive by 25, Weld’s Way Home, Aging Well, and Connecting Weld. We are so grateful to get to work with partners in creating more opportunity for our Northern Colorado neighbors.”

Mike Freeman
Chief Executive Officer, Innosphere Ventures

Mike Freeman

“The Northern Colorado region is on the cusp of attracting even more innovation and venture funding. The ecosystem for technology and science is strong, and we are competing more and more nationally for big investments and partnerships. It’s ours to lose; we need to rally around continuing to build out research and development-intensive commercialization facilities, ensure we are capitalizing on the availability of local talent, and support leading high-tech and science companies that are changing the world.”

Dr. Kevin Hoth
Dentist at Sunrise Health

Dr. Kevin Hoth

“As long as I’ve been working as a dentist at Sunrise, we’ve been saturated with patients. We’re making a big difference, but the need is greater than our ability to treat everyone. We need more resources to treat more people. I see a lot of dental decay, and ultimately a lot of people in pain. It’s really sad to see. This problem is not unique to Northern Colorado. There is not enough access to healthcare, and I fear there will never be enough. We need to find a way to make healthcare in our country affordable. People need to be able to get the treatment they need without worrying about whether getting treatment will mean they can’t pay their bills or feed their kids. It shouldn’t be this way.”

Dr. Maria Gabriel
Director of the Department of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) at Thompson School District

Dr. Maria Gabriel

“As we come out of the COVID years, students and staff are hurting. The impacts of isolation, loss, and fear have left us with a sense of disconnect in our communities. School district and community health data reflects what we see in classrooms everyday – young people have a significantly reduced sense of belonging. Teaching methods and curricular materials have been implemented to support academic achievement and re-engage students in our school communities. If we are to do one thing to help our youth get what they need, it would be to foster leadership and a full community that will wrap their arms around EACH and every child, not just some, but all.”

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