Elevating Our Future

For more than 45 years, The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado has been the local resource for philanthropy. We have worked to bring people and resources together, channel passion into action, and invest in solutions. But the Foundation has been called to do more.

The opportunities for major, regional impact are great. We have heard our fund holders, community leaders, and nonprofit partners loud and clear— the Foundation can play a deeper role to ensure the long-term wellbeing of Northern Colorado.

Community Champions

Northern Colorado faces many complex, regional issues no single entity can solve alone. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that together, the people of Northern Colorado can accomplish amazing things.

Through the COVID-19 Response Fund—a partnership between the Community Foundation and United Way of Larimer County—65 nonprofit organizations received funding that allowed them to adapt programming and continue vital services in 2020.

The NoCo Fires Fund raised $750,000 to help mitigate the destruction caused by the severe 2020 wildfires—funding critical for watershed protection and environmental restoration for the benefit of all Northern Colorado.

Other large-scale, collaborative projects, like the revitalization of downtown Loveland through the Destination Downtown Loveland initiative, and the creation of Sky Corral Ranch, will improve the lives of Coloradans for years to come.

These are incredible demonstrations of the impact the Community Foundation can have on our region by working in collaboration with other community leaders and harnessing the generosity of Northern Colorado.

Community ChampionsThat’s where you come in.

The Community Foundation is focused on supporting our community’s evolving needs, and we are asking individuals, companies, and foundations to support our work as Community Champions. Your investment is critical in helping the Foundation address key community issues, respond to crises, and plan for our region’s future wellbeing. We simply couldn’t do this work without the contributions of donors like you. Please consider becoming a Community Champion today.

Frequently Asked Questions


    Northern Colorado faces many complex regional issues no single entity can solve alone. The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado recognizes the need for strong community partnerships and aligned action. To support the future of our community, the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado has worked to bring people and resources together to spark change, channel passion into action, and explore solutions.

    Community Champions make this work possible by investing in the future of the region by supporting the initiatives of the Foundation. Foundation initiatives address the region’s biggest challenges that are too complex for any one individual or entity to solve. We need your support of this critical work. Your investment activates the Foundation to address key community issues, respond to crises, and plan for our region’s future wellbeing. We simply couldn’t do this work without the charitable gifts of donors like you.


    All Community Champions are critical to the success of the Foundation’s work in important community initiatives. Please give at a level that is meaningful to you and your family and begin to get to know the work of the Community Foundation. No amount is too small to start making a difference. The Foundation pledges to use your investment for the betterment of our incredible communities. All gifts to become a Community Champion are 100% tax deductible and may be made from your donor advised fund.

    We encourage corporate partners to consider sponsoring the Celebration of Philanthropy which includes recognition at a Community Champion giving level. Sponsorship guarantees seats and prominent recognition at the Foundation’s flagship, limited capacity, event. Corporate partners are welcome to become Community Champions if event sponsorship does not meet your organization’s philanthropic needs.


    Being a Community Champion means caring about the future of Northern Colorado, beginning or continuing your philanthropic journey, and contributing to results made possible by collective impact. Community Champions receive priority registration to events and will be recognized at events and in the annual impact report beginning in the 2022 report (distribution date of this report will be early 2023).

    To support this work, we ask you to renew your investment annually or become a new Community Champion today. We are grateful for your generosity.


    The Community Champions program does replace Hach Center memberships. The Foundation has a long history of providing community leadership. Taking a lead role in convening community members around key issues has always been a part of our work. In 2019, the Foundation branded this body of work the Hach Center for Regional Engagement.

    Over time, listening to community input, we have learned the new brand caused confusion. People didn’t understand what it was, how it related back to the Foundation, and whether it was a “center” with a physical location. In addition, our Board determined our community leadership work is so vital, central, and core to the work of the Foundation, it didn’t make sense to be branded with a separate name.

    The Foundation’s community leadership work will continue to be a core service and strategic priority – just without the brand name of Hach Center. While there are many ways to work with the Foundation, becoming a Community Champion means your gift is unrestricted and able to meet the greatest needs of our region.


    The challenges and opportunities facing Northern Colorado are ongoing and evolving. Please consider including a Community Champion investment in your annual charitable giving.

  • Please contact Chief Engagement Officer, Ella Fahrlander, at ella@NoCoFoundation.org or (970) 224-3462 with any questions. Thank you for your generosity!