How layered philanthropy moves the needle

Multi-faceted philanthropy is the lifeblood of nonprofits. As with an investment portfolio, the more diverse a nonprofit’s revenue streams, the more resilient the organization and the greater its potential impact. Local nonprofit organization, ChildSafe, exemplifies why layered philanthropy matters through its intentional growth to meet the need for its services.

ChildSafe provides therapy and support for victims of childhood abuse—primarily child sexual abuse. Local demand for these services has increased significantly in recent years, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn how ChildSafe is leveraging donor generosity, Community Foundation grant funding, and strategic philanthropy to address this sobering reality in our September blog.

Engaging your family in philanthropy

The most powerful driver for developing people who give charitably is having a family tradition of giving and volunteering.

We were honored to host Sarah Harrison, formerly of The Denver Foundation, at the Community Foundation offices last week. Sarah shared her rich experience in gift planning and led a discussion on how to involve multiple generations in philanthropy.

The Community Foundation supports families in developing and executing a family legacy of giving. We’re happy to meet with you and/or your family any time and share ideas to achieve your philanthropic goals. Send us your questions or schedule a meeting at

Foundation Hosts 2023 Investment Performance Briefing

On Thursday, September 7, the Community Foundation hosted its annual Investment Performance Briefing for fundholders, donors, and nonprofits. President and CEO Kristin Todd shared how the Foundation is supporting the region through our convening work and our support of nonprofits,  while Kurt Spieler, chief investment officer for FNBO, presented an overview of the current market conditions and how these impact the Foundation’s investment pools.

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