Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

  • Our mission-critical tasks are taking longer than they should.
  • We spend too much time on internal tasks and not enough time with those we serve.
  • We’re frustrated with our systems, bottlenecks are slowing our progress, and doing things the way they’ve always been done is no longer working well.
  • Key information is kept on sticky notes and in spiral notebooks, and we spend too much time tracking down the information we need.

There has to be a better way!

Time is your nonprofit’s most valuable resource. How is it being spent? Let’s fix your operational bottlenecks and shower your team with the gift of more time by creating a customized knowledge base for your nonprofit.

While your database holds information about the people and organizations that are important to your organization, your knowledge base holds information about your organization that your team needs to effectively serve your clients and donors.

With a knowledge base, your nonprofit will have a single source of truth for your processes and systems! Your knowledge base will be searchable, incredibly easy to update, and a one-stop shop for answers. It’s a self-serve information tool for your team and a game changer for on-boarding new employees and volunteers.

This offering provides three months of operational support, including: 

  • 45-minute consultation to kick off the project
  • Technology Audit and Productivity/Efficiency Assessment to identify priorities for workflow improvements
  • Opportunity to create and build out a customized Knowledge Base as a single source of truth for the nonprofit’s processes and systems [Up to three processes/procedures of the nonprofit’s choice, with recommendations provided]
  • Custom checklist/outline for your team to build out the rest of your Knowledge Base
  • 30-minute weekly check-in to ask and answer questions and keep the project moving forward
  • 30-minute project wrap-up
  • Written recommendations for next steps on your streamlining journey!
  • BONUS: Inventory of current technology platforms to identity integration options and cost-savings opportunities

Investment and Time Commitment:

$4,000 (you pay $2,000, and the Foundation matches it at $2,000) for three months of virtual services.

Consulting Services Provided By: 

Roxanne Fry, MBA
Roxanne Fry, MBA

Founder and CEO, RoxStar Solutions LLC
Roxanne Fry is the Founder and CEO of RoxStar Solutions LLC. She has 25 years of nonprofit management experience, including 14 years as Chief Operating Officer at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.

As a technology-focused operations and process improvement solutionist, a champion of efficient workflows, a Certified Salesforce Administrator, and an instigator of lightbulb moments, Roxanne helps nonprofit team members across the U.S. streamline their daily work so they can spend more of their valuable time doing what they do best: Serving their clients and stewarding their donors!

Roxanne is a Certified Salesforce Administrator with a BS in Legal Studies from Winona State University (MN) and an MBA from CSU. View Roxanne’s LinkedIn profile. She developed her strong worth ethic growing up on a small family dairy farm in Northern Wisconsin and has lived in Windsor for 25 years.


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