Are you navigating change yet feeling stuck? Turn this challenge into an opportunity to build team cohesion and cultivate your capacity to collaborate more effectively.

Even when it’s desired, change is hard. Shifting away from what’s known and familiar often triggers feelings of fear, and doubt. While this is uncomfortable, uncertainty must be contended with, and not everyone handles change the same way. Yet, as a nonprofit, you need everyone to be a part of the solution to experience positive lasting change that will fulfill your mission.

We’re here to elevate the quality of your collaborative efforts so your nonprofit thrives.

Our Co-Create Positive Change TM process combines strategic planning, professional development and team building. Our full day retreat, plus some pre and post meeting collaboration, will result in a more engaged team focused on moving forward together. This service also includes up to four hours of leadership development coaching, and more.

The three steps of this simple yet powerful process are:

  1. Discover: If you don’t diagnose the problem (or opportunity for growth) correctly, the solution will never work.
  2. Design: During the design phase, we work with you to establish a shared understanding of why change is needed and what success looks like.
  3. Do: Our master facilitation services, and coaching support get people to engage in their work like never before.

Investment and Time Commitment:

$5,000 (you pay $2,500, the Foundation matches it at $2,500) for a full day retreat plus four hours of coaching. Co-Create Positive Change™ is a hybrid of in-person and virtual meetings.

Consulting Services Provided By: 

Ariana Friedlander
Ariana Friedlander

Principal, Rosabella Consulting

Ariana Friedlander, MPA, is an award-winning organizational anthropologist, leadership development expert, and author. She is the founder and principal of Rosabella Consulting. Ariana has over 20 years of experience fostering positive change within organizations and companies of all shapes and sizes. She is a master facilitator, a certified Conversational Intelligence® Coach, a certified HeartMath® mentor, and trained in Breathwork. She earned her master’s degree in organizational leadership from the University of Delaware. When not working, Ariana loves being with her family, having dance parties, and enjoying time in nature.

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