The word “StratOp” blends two words vital to a successful strategic planning process. “Strat” stands for strategic, the art of planning for tomorrow, today. “Op” stands for operational, the discipline of managing today, today. The Paterson Process is a Strategic Operational planning process: we must plan for tomorrow – today, while assuring we manage today – today. Weaved through the entire process is a third component – the financial. Both strategy and operations must be financed. The Paterson StratOp process is a comprehensive system that weaves together the strategic, operational and financial.

The StratOp process guides a leadership team to gain full perspective of all internal and external realities. It ensures the team crafts a core plan and strategy that emerges from the gained clarity, to focus on What Is Important Now in order to move towards the clarified vision, and to create a plan that can be measured, incrementally installed and adapted to internal and external change. Six phases flow through the StratOp process and, when worked, become an ongoing cycle of renewal.

Please note: Organizations interested in this service may require additional vetting and conversation with the consultant to ensure StratOp readiness.

Investment and Time Commitment:

$15,000 (you pay $7,500, the Foundation matches it at $7,500) for 12 months of engagement that includes the installation of the strategic system, coaching key leaders to carry out the action plans, training an internal champion, and re-installing new plans at the end of the 12-month cycle. StratOp is an in-person experience.

Consulting Services Provided By: 

Mark Orphan
Mark Orphan

Executive Director, Finally Home

Mark Orphan has served for over 35 years in community leadership as a founder, director, consultant, university teacher, public speaker, coach, and pastor. In 2004 he founded a community development organization serving low-income families in Southern California. In 2008 Mark and his wife, who are adoptive parents, founded Finally Home which provides post-placement support for foster and adoptive families.  Mark serves as the Executive Director of Finally Home.

Mark earned his MA in Organizational Leadership from Vanguard University. Before moving to Northern Colorado in 2009, he managed federal grant initiatives resourcing, coaching, and coalition-building for over 50 non-profit organizations as the West Coast Regional Director for Urban Strategies.

Presently, Mark leads non-profit organizations churches in Northern Colorado and across the US in their strategic planning efforts. He is certified by the Paterson Center as a LifePlan and StratOp guide, providing strategic coaching for leaders and organizations. He is passionate about mentoring young leaders and advocating for at-risk kids and teens.

Mark has been married for 30 years to his wife Kristin who is a musician, the Creative Director of Finally Home, and the managing partner of Family Wellness Associates. They have four kids… Jake 26, Cody 24, Sadie 24, and Kalia 20.

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