Written by Paul Harter, President of Aqua Hot Heating Systems, Inc. and member of the Enander Family Foundation Fund Committee

Harold “Hap” Enander, pictured with his wife, Sue, had a very unique reputation. People who knew him agree that he was a jokester who loved to kid around, be ornery, and keep people on their toes. But he was also giving. His friends and acquaintances still tell stories of his generosity and speak of how loving and caring he was toward all those around him.

A self-made man, Hap founded the manufacturing business Aqua Hot Heating Systems, Inc., which grew into a successful corporation. His success did not come overnight, however. Hap came from humble beginnings and a diverse assortment of careers including farming, law enforcement, and truck driving, just to name a few.

Beyond his professional life, Hap had a lifelong commitment to serving those in need both in and out of church. He did this through missions and other volunteer work. His passion for Haiti and its people inspired his frequent travel and missionary work there. He was also very active in his church and was particularly enthusiastic about helping youth. Youth and young adult ministries were very close to his heart, and he provided both the setting and the means for retreats and camps. And when he wasn’t helping youth, he was serving as church treasurer or even jamming on the bass guitar for the church’s praise team.

After 70 years, Hap passed in 2009. His legacy of love for the Lord and ministry has survived and even thrived through the creation of the Enander Family Foundation Fund, to which he willed nearly all of his significant assets.

This is a groundbreaking arrangement, as Aqua Hot is the first corporation ever gifted to the Community Foundation. This was accomplished through the hard work and visionary culture of the Community Foundation team. The Community Foundation’s support helped the Enander Family Foundation Fund Committee quickly get down to the business of focusing on Hap’s passion and the mission of the fund: Improving the lives of children, students, and young adults by encouraging them to develop a strong, solid, and active relationship with Jesus Christ, and encouraging youth to live lives based on fundamental Christian principles and values while demonstrating this faith to others.