The cover of our 2020 annual report features three generations from Estes Park. The Newendorps are members of our Legacy Society, which recognizes all those who have extended their charitable giving beyond their lifetime. We sincerely appreciate the Newendorps for graciously allowing us to tell their story.

Dr. Paul Newendorp began his career in 1959 as a petroleum engineer and has been recognized as a leader in the petroleum industry. His best-selling book became the standard reference in the field of petroleum exploration and risk analysis. His wife, Rev. Donna Newendorp, a retired United Methodist Minister, has been volunteering for over 20 years at Crossroads Ministry of Estes Park.

Why did you choose to become members of the Foundation’s Legacy Society?

Paul and Donna: We have realized we could use our money to help charities that were meeting the needs of people. By being involved with organizations — and seeing the good that was being done — we were directly able to see the result of philanthropy.

What causes does your family feel passionate about and why?

Donna: We are concerned about social issues such as hunger, housing, unemployment, education, and climate change. Paul and I support many nonprofits in our community, to set an example for our children and grandchildren. As we are aging and less able to do physical work as volunteers, it is fulfilling to see the good that money can do.

Do you have a message for future generations? 

Paul and Donna: This pandemic has shown us so much inequality in our culture. We believe it’s important to try to make a better world for all people. We hope our charitable family fund continues through our children and grandchildren.

Donna reflected that when their son Mark and his family moved to town, they also became engaged as volunteers at Crossroads Ministry. Mark serves as treasurer for this multi-faceted nonprofit organization that provides numerous vital community services. Mark and Paul both served on the Estes Valley Community Fund Committee.

Mark Newendorp is also a member of the Community Foundation’s Board of Trustees representing Estes Park. “The Newendorp Family Charitable Fund is an excellent way for me, my wife Susan, and sister Lori, to honor the legacy of our parents through philanthropy, as well as to show the joy and importance of philanthropy to our children, Christian and Chelsea, and the impact we will have on Estes Park and Northern Colorado.”

The Newendorp family’s story truly encompasses the mission of the Foundation, to inspire and unify the communities we serve.