What does your organization do?
We are a CPA firm focusing on tax and accounting solutions for business owners, nonprofits, and high-net worth families in Northern Colorado. We work with our clients to achieve financial independence, of which philanthropy is an important component.

One of our core values is community service. Every employee is encouraged and provided the resources to be involved on boards and in community organizations that reflect their personal passions and interests.

What is your philanthropic philosophy? What are your charitable goals as an individual or organization?

Since we derive our revenues from the community at large, we have a responsibility to support and enhance our community. We primarily support nonprofits that demonstrate good stewardship and that work in a collaborative environment to leverage relationships and resources.

How does your organization carry out this philanthropic philosophy?

We live this core value through the trinity of time, talent, and treasure. Firm involvement and support of nonprofits is evaluated based on a 6-step criteria process.

Why would you encourage other families and/or businesses to sponsor the Annual Celebration of Philanthropy?

The Annual Celebration is a reminder about the importance of philanthropy in maintaining a vibrant, “best-in-class” Northern Colorado community. This is done by spotlighting (as opposed to promoting) examples of successful local activities. We hope that our continued involvement encourages other businesses and entrepreneurs to engage in community service.