$1 million dollars is a substantial sum. Invested in the right projects, it’s even more impact.

The Group Real Estate recently celebrated the incredible milestone of more than $1 million donated to community projects through GroupGives– The Group’s philanthropic fund at the Community Foundation. GroupGives grants funds to organizations and projects that support GroupGives’ mission: We believe every person deserves a place to call home.

We believe every person deserves a place to call home.

GroupGives staff pose for a Group photo. 

“Our first donation was $1,000 to support flood relief through the Red Cross,” recalls Susie Ewing, one of The Group’s founders. Since its humble beginnings ten years ago, GroupGives has become a familiar name in the community, even inspiring other corporate philanthropy programs. Group realtors and staff can choose to financially contribute to the program through donations at house closings, monthly contributions, participation in an annual auction, and other creative ways.

Amy Hoback, marketing and events manager at The Group and chair of the GroupGives Board, credits the staff culture for the program’s success. “This culture of giving is a tradition that was core to The Group’s founders. Those of us still here keep driving that mission forward.”

“Our Partners have always been very giving,” Susie affirmed. “We have a saying at The Group – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. [When we were launching the program] people got that. The impact is a lot greater, and we get to say ‘This is who we are.’ It’s something to be proud of.”

GroupGives staff participates in GroupGives Back Day.

GroupGives staff participates in GroupGives Back Day.

At The Group, giving back is more than dollars and cents. The Group organizes GroupGives Back service days, and Partners and staff members are encouraged to volunteer, serve on nonprofit boards, and contribute in other meaningful ways. “We used to say, ‘deep smarts and big hearts,’” says Amy. “Our Partners want to give back to the communities they live in.”

About 200 realtors and 60 staff are affiliated with The Group in Northern Colorado. All five Northern Colorado offices are represented on GroupGives’ Board. Since its inception, GroupGives has provided funding to 58 different organizations.

Susie Ewing retired in 2021 as Managing Broker after 45 years with The Group. She, alongside Helen Gray, Deanna McCrery, Kathy Boeding, and Mary O’Neal, founded GroupGives in 2012. Visit the GroupGives website to learn more: https://www.thegroupinc.com/group_gives/