The Community Foundation of Northern Colorado recently added five new members to its board of trustees: Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at Colorado State University, Albert Bimper Jr.; attorney G. Brent Coan of Coan, Payton & Payne, LLC; President and CEO of the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, Ann Hutchison; Vice President of HUB International, Nick Roe; and First Bank Regional President, Nicole Staudinger.

“We are honored these deeply knowledgeable and respected individuals have committed to joining the Foundation’s board,” says Kristin Todd, president and CEO of the Foundation. “They are smart, qualified leaders who believe in the Foundation’s work to make Northern Colorado the best place to live, work, and
raise a family for generations to come.”

Additional current members of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado board are Tom Behr, Charles Bouchard, Mark Driscoll, Craig Greenslit, Cecil Gutierrez, Jim Hendrix, Denise Juliana, Doreen MacDonald, Mark Newendorp, and Marla Trumper.

For more information, contact the Community Foundation at (970) 224-3462 or