Thank you for joining us to celebrate 45 years of serving Northern Colorado! Photos from the event can be found HERE.

Films shared included the following:

Career Wise:

CareerWise Colorado looks to the Swiss apprenticeship system for inspiration and has borrowed elements to create the nation’s first cross-industry, modern youth apprenticeship system. It connects students with employers in health care, business operations, financial services, hospitality, information technology, and advanced manufacturing. Northern Colorado school districts participating include Thompson Valley, Poudre, and Estes Park.

A Trout with Feathers:

If you listen closely and long enough, every river has a song. And if these watery lifelines have songs, then their most striking melodies are sung by its most charismatic and vocal citizens, the birds. Watch and hear an American dipper, North America’s only aquatic songbird, dive in search of food in the Cache La Poudre River.

Learning by Doing: The Perfect Storm on the Upper Colorado:

Millions of people count on the Colorado River as a source of water and recreation. But the drought of 2002 represented a “Perfect Storm” – showing the vulnerability of a delicate mountain watershed. In this film, we see how public officials, water managers, and environmental groups set aside differences to rally around the long-term health of the river.

Love Bugs:

Directed by Colorado native Allison Otto, Love Bugs is a light-hearted portrait of two aging but dedicated entomologists. The film captures the tender moments, inside jokes, and good-natured bickering that can only come from sharing a marriage and career for 55 years.

Wilder:  A tale of the love of outdoors:

You may have forgotten Wilder, but he hasn’t forgotten you. And he can’t wait to get reacquainted. Wilder’s on a mission to help your kids rediscover all the benefits waiting for them just outside your door, where things are a little wilder, a little happier, and a whole lot healthier.