Northern Colorado faces far-reaching challenges that will influence the future of our region. Successfully navigating these issues will require a shared vision, collaborative funding, and committed individuals and organizations. The Hach Center for Regional Engagement represents the diverse citizens of Larimer and Weld counties and is driven by the desire to preserve the enviable quality of life we enjoy today for future generations.

NEW as of January, 2022: Hach Center is now ‘Community Champions’

The Foundation has a long history of providing community leadership. Taking a lead role in convening community members around key issues has always been a part of our work. In 2019, the Foundation branded this body of work the Hach Center for Regional Engagement. Over time, listening to community input, we have learned the new brand caused confusion. People didn’t understand what it was, how it related back to the Foundation, and whether it was a “center” with a physical location. In addition, our Board determined our community leadership work is so vital, central, and core to the work of the Foundation, it didn’t make sense to be branded with a separate name.

The Foundation’s community leadership work will continue to be a core service and strategic priority – just without the brand name of Hach Center. While there are many ways to work with the Foundation, becoming a Community Champion means your gift is unrestricted and able to meet the greatest needs of our region.

The following information is for archival purposes only as we transition from using the Hach Center name. 


To vision and positively shape the future of Northern Colorado.

Connecting people to create great things doesn’t happen by accident. In the 19th century, the Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville observed the unique quality of Americans to band together to help their neighbors and improve their communities. The Hach Center is driven by that same spirit of cooperation for community progress. Composed of public sector, private sector, and philanthropic members, the Hach Center is a forum for Northern Colorado citizens to bring their opinions – from ideas for visionary initiatives to identifying needs for new community resources.


To expand the Community Foundation’s framework for community collaboration and engagement.

Connecting people: Collaboration generates creative ideas. And with effective leadership, the inclusive Hach Center welcomes diverse opinions to inspire and unify people to explore community concerns and implement solutions.

An innovative framework for community collaboration: Platforms such as Uber, Airbnb, and GoFundMe have revolutionized entire industries and shown that providing a framework for simple, yet powerful, connections can lead to dramatic impact. The Hach Center can provide our region with a powerful mechanism to bring together people, ideas, and resources.


The Hach Center is a convener for Northern Colorado citizens to collaborate and lead visionary community development for our region.

Initiatives: Recruit new people and resources as our region grows, which will result in synergistic ways to complete creative initiatives. Projects already underway such as the Regional Leadership Initiative, Water Literate Leaders, Destination Downtown Loveland, CiviCO Academy – and the recently completed Sky Corral Ranch – now fit under the umbrella of the Hach Center.

Events: Host events and speakers designed to create transformational community impact by inspiring philanthropy and engaging the region. By partnering with the Hach Center, you will connect with like-minded individuals and contribute your talents and resources to community initiatives.

Partnerships: Cultivate community partnerships to maximize regional impact.

Vision: Mobilize intellectual property and financial resources to help our fast-growing region prepare for the future.

Planning: Ensure that the future of Northern Colorado is shaped by informed leadership, thoughtful planning, and genuine-relationship building. Great communities require great intentionality.

The Hach Center is a platform for community impact.
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Regional Leadership Initiative: Building Unity
The Regional Leadership Initiative convenes Northern Colorado mayors, mayors pro tem, and city managers to focus on bold ideas for the region.

Water Literate Leaders: Educating & Inspiring Decision Makers
The Colorado Water Center at CSU facilitates this nine-month program, in cooperation with the Hach Center, that empowers students to examine the nuances of water – a controversial subject for our region where awareness of multiple viewpoints and complexities is critical for good decision-making.

Destination Downtown Loveland: Energizing Downtown Revitilization
Destination Downtown Loveland is a cross-sector initiative that brings together national experts and invested citizens to inspire action for the development of downtown Loveland.

Sky Corral Ranch: A place for connecting
Sky Corral Ranch gives members of our community – from youth groups to businesses to nonprofit organizations – a place to grow together and connect with the backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

CiviCO Leadership Academy: Building a Statewide Community of Leaders
The CiviCO Leadership Academy is a nine-month leadership journey that challenges high-potential and established professionals from different sectors across Colorado to think bigger, look deeper, and transform their leadership skills.


In the 1970s, a group in Fort Collins formed “Designing Tomorrow Today”— an effort to generate ideas and build support for community initiatives, which gave rise to what is now the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado.

The Foundation operates in two distinct spaces: donor services and community engagement. Donor services is a self-sustaining role while community engagement requires ongoing investment. Foundation staff and volunteers carry out these dual roles while serving our region on a range of important initiatives encompassed by the Hach Center for Regional Engagement.

Bruce and Muriel Hach embrace the power of collaboration to envision a better future. These engaged community members honored their commitment to future generations with a generous endowment that established the Hach Center as a permanent resource that will support current and future projects.

Learn about the Hach Center’s inaugural year, and key issues facing our region.

Report highlights:

REGIONALISM: Counteracting polarization and elevating our communities

COVID-19: Magnifying our humanity

WATER: Deciding a case of Colorado water

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