Nonprofit Funds are established by nonprofits to grow their endowments. This partnership between the nonprofit and Community Foundation allows the nonprofit to focus their staff and board time on marketing and solicitation efforts.

Please click here to view a standard Nonprofit Fund agreement.

The Community Foundation adds value to nonprofit endowment programs by offering an investment program that small and midsized nonprofits simply cannot afford to duplicate without at least several million dollars in assets.

Designing an investment policy, selecting an Investment Committee, and performing an extensive, thoughtful investment advisor search can be a major distraction for any nonprofit. Many agencies get sidetracked with these duties and spend little time actually promoting and soliciting endowment gifts.

Our staff provides hands-on assistance, allowing you to outsource your planned giving duties to our organization. We can confidently handle gifts involving complex assets, gift annuities, and trust arrangements.

We have an experienced CPA on staff and have state-of-the-art accounting software designed specifically for the fund accounting needs of a community foundation. Nonprofit representatives can access our online portal to easily create customized fund statements for any time period they specify. These fund statements show investment performance, new gifts, distributions, and the amount available for distribution.

Nonprofits that have endowment funds with the Community Foundation benefit from the exposure to our family of donors and fund advisors. We share your story with our local philanthropic community and encourage them to support your agency’s vision.

This Community Foundation has created an Endowment Building Toolkit designed to help nonprofit organizations be successful in establishing and building an endowed fund.

To learn more about establishing a nonprofit fund, contact our staff at (970) 224-3462.