Hach Center members and friends joined us on March 3, 2020, at a Hach Center for Regional Engagement event.  Todd Doherty, president of Western Water Partnerships, spoke about how market-based, water sharing agreements are a critical component to meet future municipal and industrial water needs.

To learn more about “interruptible supply agreements” and other water concepts presented on March 3 please see this press release from the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association.

“Widespread panic-buying has underscored people’s desire to be food secure. Real food security starts with being able to grow, process, and market food locally. In arid Colorado, preserving irrigated farmland near cities and in rural areas is key to ensuring food and dairy staples can be produced and provided to consumers even during a crisis.

Preventing widespread loss of additional irrigated farmland requires a recognition of the enormous value that agricultural land provides to society.

Irrigated agricultural land offers a solution to both food and water security in Colorado. Laws passed since the 2002-2003 drought enable water leasing between farms and cities. Interruptible supply agreements…provide opportunities for agricultural producers to lease water to cities while keeping land in production.”