The Community Champions program replaces Hach Center memberships. The Foundation has a long history of providing community leadership. Taking a lead role in convening community members around key issues has always been a part of our work. In 2019, the Foundation branded this body of work the Hach Center for Regional Engagement.

Over time, listening to community input, we learned the new brand caused confusion. People didn’t understand what it was, how it related back to the Foundation, and whether it was a “center” with a physical location. In addition, our Board determined our community leadership work is so vital, central, and core to the work of the Foundation, it didn’t make sense to be branded with a separate name.

The Foundation’s community leadership work will continue to be a core service and strategic priority – just without the brand name of Hach Center. While there are many ways to work with the Foundation, becoming a Community Champion means your gift is unrestricted and able to meet the greatest needs of our region.