Love for writing connects scholar with application reviewer

Awarding scholarships is an annual highlight for both the Foundation and our application reviewers, who share how inspired they are by these young people. This year, we were honored to connect a reviewer and student through their shared passion for writing.

Lois Hart has been reviewing Foundation scholarship applications the past four years, and while evaluating this year’s batch for the Charmayne Gooch Arts Scholarship, she became especially interested in learning more about Emma Cailene. Lois is an author of 23 books, and felt a kinship with Emma, who has already written two novels, even though she just graduated from high school. Lois is passionate about mentorship, and she asked the Foundation to facilitate contact with Emma and her mother. The three of them met in person earlier this summer and have begun a relationship.

I’ve always believed words have the power to change us. Through the 1,000+ books I’ve read in the last five years, I’ve fought villains, saved worlds, and loved heroes. I’m more than a girl; I’m every book I’ve ever read. Through fiction, I’ve defined my core values and developed a compassion for people of all backgrounds. Reading is magical—and so is writing.

~ Emma Cailene, recipient of four Community Foundation scholarships

“Lois has been so wonderfully encouraging and supportive as a mentor, coaching me not only on how to get my novels published, but also on public speaking and confidence,” Emma shared. “It means the world to me.”

Lois added, “My role as a scholarship reviewer resulted in an opportunity to coach a very talented candidate.”

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Emma Cailene

Lois Hart

27 student-scholars supported by Foundation scholarships

2021-2022 scholarships by the numbers

The Foundation is truly privileged to work with donors who make an impact on students across Northern and Eastern Colorado. Each year from January 15 until February 28, we invite current and upcoming college students to complete one brief general application that automatically matches them to scholarship awards for which they qualify.

Number of individual scholarships awarded
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Amount awarded via traditional scholarships
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Estimated total value of 2021-2022 scholarships

Foundation hosts Fiscal Year ‘21 Investment Performance Briefing

On Wednesday, September 8, Kurt Spieler, chief investment officer for FNBO, presented an overview of the current market conditions and how these impact the Foundation’s investment pools.

Kurt addressed the fundamentals of why the market is up and whether it will it continue. Todd Silliman, FNBO’s lead director for private client services, moderated the questions.

View Kurt’s recap and prognostications here:

Engaging Community Leaders in Critical Water Decisions

Join us in welcoming the 2021-2022 cohort of Water Literate Leaders. These 20 individuals have committed to investing their time and energy to learn from experts and empower themselves to meet the everchanging water needs of our communities.

For local leaders to make sound decisions related to water issues, they need to have access to reliable information from water experts and establish relationships with other stakeholders throughout our region.

“Recognizing this need, the Colorado Water Center developed the Water Literate Leaders of Northern Colorado program in partnership with the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado’s Hach Center for Regional Engagement,” said Julie Kallenberger, associate director of the Colorado Water Center. She explained the program has graduated three cohorts of 63 leaders from different sectors with the goal of raising the level of dialogue about water to the top decision-makers in the region. Participants in the program engage in nine months of learning about the many facets of water, discuss complex issues and associated tradeoffs, exchange ideas, and work towards how Northern Colorado can best achieve its goals for regional water collaboration.

Cameron Peak Fire Volunteer Opportunities and One Year Recap

A year after the Cameron Peak Fire took its devastating toll on Northern Colorado and beyond, community efforts are focused on how to best help the land heal. Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is a local nonprofit doing just that, helping stabilize burned slopes and reestablish native vegetation.

View volunteer opportunities to help with post-fire restoration projects, and read the summary response from Larimer County in their one-year anniversary recap of the fire here.


Colorado Gives Day Rally (for nonprofit agencies): Tuesday, November 9

Colorado Gives Day: Tuesday, December 7

** This year’s Holiday Open House has been canceled**

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